IT Contractors Insurance

Insurance covers the IT professionals in this room

In this page, we discuss insurance for IT contractors, companies and consultants.

The technology industry changes by the day.

In fact, that’s probably one of the things you love most about it – the fast pace and ever-evolving nature of the work you do keeps things interesting and ensures no two work days are the same.

At the same time, this also means the risks and threats to your business continue to evolve at the same pace.

Cyber insurance is an obvious fit for protecting your digital assets from attacks and attempts by malicious actors to derail your business, but have you considered what other elements should be part of your insurance package?

How would you recover from a fire or flood that damages your data centres, or a lawsuit from a client who blames a bug in your software for damaging their sales?

Even for the most modern and tech-savvy businesses, protecting yourself from real-world threats is vital to keeping your livelihood secure.

We can help you find the right insurance mix to keep you safe from threats, online and off.

IT Contractors Insurance Policies To Have

Your business is unique and may require specific insurance policies.  These are some policies IT Contractors insurance should consider.

Let’s talk about getting a tailored insurance package to fit the specific needs of your business.

Who can we cover?

The professions we can work with are not limited by this list.  Call us on 1300 ECOVER (1300 326 837) if you can’t find your specific occupation and services.

.NET Developer
Application Developer
Application Support Analyst
Applications Engineer
Associate Developer
Cloud Architect
Cloud Consultant
Cloud Product and Project Manager
Cloud Services Developer
Cloud Software and Network Engineer
Cloud System Administrator
Cloud System Engineer
Computer and Information Research Scientist
Computer and Information Systems Manager
Computer Network Architect
Computer Programmer
Computer Systems Analyst
Computer Systems Manager
Customer Support Administrator
Customer Support Specialist
Data Center Support Specialist
Data Quality Manager
Database Administrator
Desktop Support Manager
Desktop Support Specialist
Front End Developer
Help Desk Specialist
Help Desk Technician
Information Security
IT Analyst
IT Coordinator
IT Support Manager
IT Support Specialist
IT Systems Administrator
Java Developer
Junior Software Engineer
Network Administrator
Network and Computer Systems Administrator
Network Architect
Network Engineer
Network Systems Administrator
Programmer Analyst
Security Specialist
Senior Applications Engineer
Senior Database Administrator
Senior Network Architect
Senior Network Engineer
Senior Network System Administrator
Senior Programmer
Senior Programmer Analyst
Senior Security Specialist
Senior Software Engineer
Senior Support Specialist
Senior System Administrator
Senior System Analyst
Senior System Architect
Senior System Designer
Senior Systems Software Engineer
Senior Web Administrator
Senior Web Developer
Software Architect
Software Developer
Software Engineer
Software Quality Assurance Analyst
Support Specialist
System Architect
Systems Administrator
Systems Analyst
Systems Designer
Systems Software Engineer
Technical Specialist
Technical Support Engineer
Technical Support Specialist
Telecommunications Specialist
Web Administrator
Web Developer

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  • As Cyber specialists, we talk your language.

  • You get qualified expert advice.

  • You have help when it comes to claims.

  • We’re on your side, not the insurance companies.

  • Easy monthly payment options available.

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