How To Upgrade Your Home Security Systems


How To Upgrade Your Home Security Systems Julia Hammond 30/05/2018 If you’re still working with a basic lock and key system for your home then do we have big news. The advancements that have been made in affordable, high-tech security for homes are like something from a spy movie. Here’s all the updates you should be

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IP Australia Shares Our Story


This article was first published by IP Australia I had just passed the one year mark in my business. I’d spent the last twelve months working hard to build a small portfolio of loyal clients and learning everything I could about risk management and commercial insurance. It was fast paced and I hadn’t had a

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Our New Partnership with McCormick Harris


This is only the start of giving you more. We are proud to announce that Indagard Insurance Services has partnered with the McCormick Harris Group as a Corporate Authorised Representative. What does that mean for you? This means you can count on us to find you the right cover because we have access to over

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