Recruitment Agency Insurance

labour hire and recruitment agencies need insurance to protect their business

This page talks about insurance for recruitment agencies.

As a recruiter, you are constantly working with a diverse range of people.

In fact, your ability to relate to, understand, and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the people you work with are all important skills for you to do your job well.

Sometimes though, a wide variety of people can create a wide variety of risks, and you often need to take people at their word and trust they’ll behave in a way that reflects well on you and your decision to place them with a certain employer.

  • What if a candidate isn’t screened correctly and turns out to be underqualified for a role, prompting a complaint by the employer?
  • How would your business cope if your records were breached and candidate data was leaked or held to ransom by cyber criminals?
  • How would you recover from an accusation of unethical behaviour or inappropriate advice?

Working with people is engaging, stimulating and rewarding. But people can also be unpredictable – as can conducting any business in today’s modern and tech-driven workforce.

Fortunately, we can help you find the right tailored insurance package that protects you against the biggest risks to your business, giving you the added peace of mind to continue your important purpose of helping people find their next perfect role.

Recruitment Agency Insurance Policies To Consider

Some of the covers you should consider having are…

It’s important to protect your business with a tailored insurance package that fits your specific needs.

It takes an average of 68 days to fill in a vacant position (AFR, 2015)

5 Reasons To Choose Us

  • A representative on your side, acting in your best interest; not the insurance companies.

  • Management of your insurance from start to finish.

  • Multiple payment options available for your convenience.

  • Single contact for all insurance matters.

  • Access to high quality policies that direct Insurers do not have access to.

Final Thoughts

Wondering what options you have to cover the risks in running your recruitment agency or labour hire service?  Indagard Insurance Services can help, so contact us.