Trade Insurance

Trade Insurance protects tradies and contractor working on site

In this page we discuss Trade Insurance to protect tradies and contractors.

You’ve worked hard to learn the skills of your trade.

You completed the hard yards (and survived the practical jokes) to complete your apprenticeship.  You’ve invested in your own tools and equipment. Every day, you push through the early-morning starts and often work out in the elements to get the job done.

In short; you’ve put a lot into getting where you are now.

Unfortunately, even the hardest workers can find themselves on the receiving end of an accident.

What would happen if your toolkit was stolen? If you were injured playing footy and couldn’t work for two weeks? Or if an error by a supplier prevented you completing a job on time, causing issues with your client?

Especially as a contractor, it’s vital you protect your business and your livelihood when you don’t have the stability and security of a full-time employer.

We can help you find the right insurance package to keep you protected, every day on site.

Trade Insurance Policies To Consider

Below are some of the insurance protection you should consider if you operate a trade business.

Depending on your situation and objectives, you may require other covers to adequately protect against risks that could damage your business.

If it’s important for you to adequately protect your business then talk to us about getting a tailored insurance package

Brokers estimate 70-80% of businesses are under-insured.  40% of sole traders are not insured. (CGU)

Who can we cover?

We’re not limited by the list of occupations below.  So if you can’t find your trade, just call us on 1300 ECOVER (1300 326 837)

Antenna Installations
Bitumen Contractors
Brick Cutting Services
Building Contractors
Car Detailers
Decking Contractors
Demolition Contractors
Drainage Contractors
Drilling Contractors
Excavator Insurance
Fencing Contractors
Handyman Services
Heating Contractors
Home Maintenance and Repairs
Insulation Contractors
Landscape Contractors
Lawn Cutting and Maintenance
Mobile mechanics
Paving Contractors
Pool Maintenance and Repairs
Roofing Contractors
Shower Screen Installers
Stump Removals
Swimming Pool Maintenance
Television Antenna Services
Window Cleaners
…and many more.

5 Reasons To Choose Us

  • Experts on your side – we represent you, not the insurance companies

  • More choices with access to over 100 insurers

  • Convenient monthly payments with Premium Funding

  • One phone call for all your insurance needs

  • Less worry because you have dedicated help when there’s a claim

Ready to chat?

Nobody likes surprises.  Don’t wait until disaster strikes to find out you’re not covered – it may be too late by then!  Call us on 1300 ECOVER or send us a message.